Friday, January 22, 2010

Things We Forget

I recently stumbled upon an extraordinary Blog called Things We Forget

The idea of the blog:
Small post-its with little positive messages left in public places in Singapore.
Each blog entry consists of a scanned copy of the post-it and a picture that shows where is it now :)

I just love the simplicity of the idea, the art and the messages. What do you think?


Squinty said...

Thought of making a new post about this but it seems you already did!

I knew about it for a long time now but didn't advertise it yet. I think whoever is doing it is a genius.

Simple notes but lots of wisdom in it.

writer said...

thanks a lot. glad you like THINGS WE FORGET <3

FAITH said...

True, Squinty. And btw, you still can write about it in your blig. Your readers will be surly interested :)

Wow! Thanks :D
I feel like showing off now: THE BLOG'S OWNER IS COMMENTING IN MY HUMBLE BLOG lol

Thanks once again, and keep your great job up! :)

s a t i r said...

we need cool ideas like this n the middle east! where did our creativity go?
this reminds me though of an idea by stefan sagmeister,,. one of ma fave graphic designers..
he had a speech bubble "experiement" ,f i can call it that, where he just placed speech bubbles n random places..over posters n the streets.. n people felt free to write whatever they liked on them..
u can imagine how funny n creative some remarks were!
Here's a link to his talk on ted.. am sure u'll be a fan too :)
and maybe of as well ;)

FAITH said...

s a t i r,

Thanks for the link! Loved the ideas, SO innovative indeed

And you're right, we need to keep our creativity flowing =)

Amarant said...

lol I LOVE the idea