Friday, January 1, 2010

When it Feels Like Nobody is Reading Your Blog

I feel quite foolish about pouring out what's on my mind for everyone (and nobody) to read.



G-chan said...

This does not give you a reason to stop (in case you're thinking that).

I bet there are many readers they might not necessarily comment but they are reading you!

Nadia said...

Yes Faith, we usually read but don't have time to comment on all the blogs. My last post is dedicated to you and Sting. Read it!!!! :)

Muggle said...

No don't stop writing! I read your blog from time to time even though I don't always comment.

Kitten said...

I read every single new post of yours yet I sometimes leave the 'commenting' part.

Keep updating, Faith. Your thoughts/ideas are interesting.

FAITH said...

G-Chan, Nadia, Muggle & Kitten:

Thanks girls! :D

Eh NO! I'm not going to quit, I just felt like sharing this thought or feeling with you guys..

I so much appreciate and cherish every single word you said :)

Thanks once again :*

Wow! I was one of your first readers!! Checking your blog right now! I'm really honored :D

Nabsj said...

I always read your blog whenever you update, but I'm too lazy to leave a comment. Keep blogging =]

FAITH said...

Thanks Nabsj! :D

Much appreciated dear.

Amarant said...

keep blogging or ba6alla3 el 3allaq !!! :@

Arabian Princess said...

I understand how you feel, I felt like you for some time .. but it shouldn't discourage you from writing because it what will draw more readers to your blog :)

Rummy said...

I always have read your blog for years and you are amongst the reasons why I started to blog as well but I just don't comment. So don't quit ba3deh el darb 6aweel.

FAITH said...


I'm not quitting, keep the 3allag inside the closet =D


You're right dear, it shouldn't discourage me from writing. And I know overtime this feeling will start subsiding

Yes it is so true that in the some stages you feel you are talking to yourself but as you said el darb 6weel :D. Its just taking yourself through these stages that you reach where people start reading your blog and you have your own set of followers than you gain the confidence. So yah, I'll just keep rodding along!

Thanks a lot people :)