Thursday, April 22, 2010

From office..

Back when he was a good boy..

...And now punished for not behaving well!

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G-chan said...

Why is he still smiling?


Cute shots!

FAITH said...

I know, he has this amazing positive attitude =P

Thanks G <3

Squinty said...

From the pictures I learned... No matter how bad I am I still should smile! xD

FAITH said...

LoL good one squnity =P

DiabMan said...

i would do the same if a girl ever handcuffed me... smile... in fact, i would pay extra for that :p

Musab said...

lol wallah 3alaish 7arakat


FAITH said...

LoL xD

Thaanks, ma nw9al mstwakum ;)