Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stories That Touched My Heart

Over the past few weeks I have encountered some incidents/heard of couple of stories that have truly touched my heart in many ways.

. The other day I was parking my car by the supermarket where an old man with a dirty and messed up dishdasha approached me. He greeted me and then asked me if he can wash my car. I greeted him back and nodded my head as a sign of agreement. I returned to my car and found him done cleaning and he was washing for prayers. I gave him his money, he beamed and headed over to where he left his bucket and stuff, and he waved at me and then lifted his hands up in prayer. He’s probably in his sixties. I couldn’t help it; my eyes tore up. I totally admire his self-respect, and the fact that he’s working to earn money instead of begging like many young healthy people do.

. My younger sister is currently doing a clinical Pediatrics rotation (clinical clerkship). The other day they received a 2-weeks old baby who was found near a public school in Muscat. They did full check-up, he was in a good health, thanks god, and he was named AbdulRahman.
Before their on-call shift ended, they passed by the ward the baby was in, and they saw the baby staring at the TV in total stillness, a live broadcasting of Isha prayers from Mecca was on. They cried. Everyone did.

To be continued.


Squinty said...

MashaAllah. InshaAllah that man is rewarded the highest level of Paradise. May Allah give him the best of things in this life and the after life.

BABIES! I want one! I will make him childish like me though and make him watch Japanese Cartoons with me! xD

Arabian Princess said...

I know Abdulrahman, my sister keeps telling me about him and how cute he is.
I was persuading my friend to adopt him, but unfourtontly she cant these days.
Just thinking about him makes my heart ach.. allah helps him in the cruel world.

Umm Ququ said...

Ya Rabb forgive us.

This really makes me sit back and say alhamdulillah kul hal. May Allah reward the old man and provide for him more than what is sufficant for him and his family.Ameen.

There is an old man here in salalah, white beard and a few rags in his hand with a bottle of window cleaner sitting outside Baqya (srry dnt know the spelling,) waiting to wash cars..i saw him the other day, me being in the car and sweating i couldnt imagine what he ws feeling out in the heat.

SubhanAllah the lil baby is a blessing from Allah Swt. All children love thier Rubb subhanAllah wa bihamdi. From since the day i knew i was pregnant with my lil Ququ ive always had quran on in the house, car or where ever it may he sleeps with it on, listens to it if it on tv and even watches the little lcd screen on his quran mp3 player. La ilaha illa Allah. May Allah help us to raise our children upon the straight path.ameen.

beautiful post sis..thanks for sharing ur thoughts. barak Allah feech ameen.

Musab said...


on both stories

big time ...

FAITH said...

Ameen ya rab! LoL at the Japenese anime part xD. Thanks :)

I'd have adopted him if I was living in different circumstances. I think I'll consider the idea someday in 3-5 years from now!
Ameen, o allah ye7fa'dhah inshallah :)

Um Ququ,
Thanks dear and ameen to your prayers! O yebark feech inshallah :)

Thanks for reading :)