Friday, April 9, 2010

Random update

* First of all I’d like to congratulate Nadia for her successful post about [Discrimination Against Women in Dhofar & Oman]. I even started getting forward emails with a direct link to her blog! Isn’t this just awesome? Keep the great job always up, Nadia.

* I was doing grocery shopping the other day at Sultan Center and stumbled upon the following books on one of the bookshelves next to the last cashier counter. I think it’s quite interesting to see know that there are people who are actually eager to learn Arabic, and more to realize that there are such books sold for this purpose. [I know this might sound so random!]
* Now reading: Three Cups of Tea. I'm loving the book so far. Will share my personal review about the book once am done reading it.

Till next time, dear me & drear readers :)


Nabsj said...

I bought Three Cups of Tea a while ago, but didn't read it yet. Will be waiting for the review :)
As for learning Arabic, The Omanais Franco Center offers Arabic classes for non-arabic speakers.

Nadia said...

Oh thanks for that. I have 3 Cups of Tea and plan to start reading it witha friend next week. Is it good so far?

Amarant said...

good to see these books are available ...

FAITH said...


Am almost half the way though now.
Will share my review once done inshallah :)

It's so good so far, I like it. So touching...some parts made me tear up :)

Yah indeed! :D

Umm Ququ said...

As salam alaikum Dear Me.

I agree with you that its a pleasure to see people wanting to learn arabic. These little help books to lern arabic really do a good job..when i started to learn arabic i was not aware of them being available, so i had my own note pad wth pen and questioned every arab i sat near as to what they were saying.

Thumbs up to sis Nadia. lve her blog.

Lil Me said...

There's an ARABIC101 paper in my university abroad =) You can't imagine how delightfully surprised I was when I first knew about it.

Do give us your opinion on the book.

FAITH said...

Wa Alaykum As'Salam Umm Ququ, and welcome to blogging world.

Well in my personal POV, I believe that self-study is a more effective learning technique.

How long have you been living in the ME if I may ask? :) I heard you're liking the life in Salalah =D

FAITH said...

Lil me,

Wow! Imaging if an Arabic native speaker takes that course, s/he'd get a straight A right away!

Will do soon inshallah..Thanks dear =D