Sunday, April 25, 2010

Signing off as a naive..

Where am supposed to be packing for the so called "fun trip"...not! I was thinking of something I said to my sister yesterday:

"Friends come and go like a season. People change, life changes...but there're things that will never change. Shoulders you'll always come back to cry on"
Go girl, hit and kick backs! (A)

Anyways, show is over.

Good night kids and see you all next week...I know you will miss me not :p! But what the heck, I'll miss you too!!


Anonymous said...


Jeff said...

Hope you will have a nice time. :)

DiabMan said...

I think there is some truth to your statement... But I never give up on my friends... but again, I know many people take the word 'friend' for granted. But not me... sure friends are like seasons, but the real friends are those who will come back .. and when they do, they will re-define your life like they never went away!

FAITH said...

Saad & Jeff: Thanks :)

DiabMan: True, and the latter category fell under "the things that will never change", i.e. the real friends :)