Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to school!

Dear me,

So there you go, students are back to school! For the first time since 1992, you're not going to school. The summer is officially over now, almost 3 months of fun all gone. Its amazing how quickly they have gone and my siblings are now back into the routines of school & college life again.

On this special occasion, I thought of going back in time, to September 1992 to be specific.
Ready for the surprise?? Okaay....


Yes, it's your kindergarten dress, me :)!
What a cute dress for that important rite of passage...Isn't it just cute? One of my fondest memories from my childhood was going shopping with my mom to pick out the dress for my first day of school. We made it into a yearly ritual and I always looked forward to wearing it.

Hope you liked the surprise.



STING said...

I told you get ready for change. Life after school life is tough. You should have prepared while doing your internship ;)

Anyhow, I wonder how that dress looks at you now :P

FAITH said...

I'm getting used to the new situation and I'm moving on ;).

LoL, I haven't tried it yet but it's a bit shorter than any free size top of mine.

Thanks for passing by, Sting. :)