Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happiness; The image and the truth.

Dear me,

Don't be fooled by the bright image of fake happiness. So many people you know have been fooled by all the money & the fame they have. Poor them! People think they are happy, but it's not always the case.

Here's my own theory about happiness. In my humble theory, happiness has two sides; the image side and the truth side. What you can see in a person might be the same as what's inside him and sometimes it's totally different than what's hidden deep inside him.

According to my theory, this is the best case of happiness considering all the social and materialistic measurements in assessing both sides of happiness:

The image: good family name, fancy cars, spacious house, properties, decent social position, good career, stuffed belly, good health, wealth & power...
The truth: clear mind and heart, conviction, loving and merciful heart, strong faith, patient soul, emotional balance...

So people basically will fall under 4 types:
1- Good image side, good truth side
2- Bad image side, good truth side.
3- Good image side, bad truth side.
4- Bad image side, bad truth side. "And that's the worst type ever!"

Hope it wasn't a boring-philosophical-post.

Yours always,
Happy me :).

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