Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Memory of Forgetfulness"

Dear Me,

Hope your doing well. I know all what you have been through lately and I'm really-really sorry to share some sad news with you.
Your favorite poet has passed away after heart surgery! May he rest in peace :(.
Do you think the problem was really his physical heart? Or was it a problem with what was inside his heart?

Till this moment, I can recall every word he wrote, every word in Marcel Khalifa's songs...All poems Suha Bishara was writing on the prison's wall by Mahmoud Darwish! :(

And history makes fun of its victims
And its heroes
Takes a look at them and passes by
This sea is mine
This moist air is mine
And my name-
Even if I spell it wrong on the coffin –
Is mine
As for me,
Now that I am filled with all the possible
Reasons for departure –
I am not mine.
I am not mine
I am not mine
Yours always,

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