Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wesal, the media group.

Dear me,

I've witnessed the progress of this Kuwaiti NGO since their first show in the public, 6 years ago. Wesal Media Group chose the media as a method and a way to transmit their message in directing theater plays, media & artwork. Their ambition is to present a media of a value and strong message to the whole universe, and not only within the borders of Kuwait.

Wesal group is composed of 50 young female Kuwaitis who have media tendencies and some technical information, and they present work of an Islamic framework and content.

Here are some of their achievements in the theatrical field,

"And I took my revenge.."

It was presented in Arabic and it basically focused of the issue of Palestine.

"My feeling of missing!"

Addressed the issue of Kuwaiti prisoners and the it was represented in the local accent.

"But, it's a life trip!"

This play's objective was to offer solutions for people's everyday life through the story of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

I recently knew that they inaugurated their own website on the net and they're in the progress to participate with their outstanding works in some coming big media festivals and events outside Kuwait.

I'm so proud of this group and we all should be proud of them. I'm fully confident that they have the ability to make a difference with their dazzling and clear mentalities. Thumbs up girls and wishing you always-always the best luck! :)

Wesal's achievements - video
Wesal's official website

Yours always,
Me - Faith

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