Saturday, August 2, 2008

In Frankfurt

Dear Me,

My window looks out on the loveliest view: river, forest and rocks!

It's the first day for the delegate in Frankfort. I always wished if you’re here! You'd love the view the same way I do.

I love the nature, it makes me feel high and love the life and love the people who make life lovable place to live!

I feel like owning the word and dedicating it to all people I love.

Do you think I'm becoming a better person in this life?

I believe absolutely in my own free will and my own power to accomplish-and that's the belief that moves mountains. You watch me becoming a great person. I have four chapters of my life passed; god only knows how many are remaining. The only thing I know for sure that people like you will be unforgettable chapters in my life that they are the only people I’d always wish to live for and look up to.



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