Saturday, August 2, 2008


Dear Me,

So you see, Dear Me, I was already thrown into work and busy with loads of works and assignments the entire semester with my eyes patiently set against temptation or any external attractions. And I got my results few minutes ago before I left the hotel. And it's not as great as I expected but that was the result of being ethical and avoiding some teachers' bad tries. I can't say anything more. I can bet that I understood and worked as much as any straight A students and maybe more…

I'm not so happy though it might sound quite well, doesn't it, Dear Me?!

But I don't want you to think that I'm a loser or that I'm not good at anything. The feeling often comes over me that I'm not all remarkable; it's fun to plan a career, but in all probability, I shall not turn out a bit different from any other ordinary person. I may end up staying at home and being an inspiration to my generation and to the new generation. Let's see what's hidden for me the coming days…

PS. Why can't I find anyone who really appreciates my clear mind?

PS2. I'm not pessimistic, life is not fair!

Yours ever,


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Qais said...

it is not important to "find them" as long as they do appreciate it :)