Sunday, May 2, 2010

Only In Bahrain

Dear Readers - Dear Me,

It's the 2nd of May today, almost the mid of the year! Is it me or every year passes faster than the year before?


I thought of sharing some interesting stuff I saw in Bahrain last week.

1. You'd see a similar ad to the one below almost everywhere you go in Bahrain:

This poster is part of a HUGE campaign called A9eel; aim is improving both work ethics and positive attitudes of the government's employees in Bahrain. Check their site to watch the Webisodes and know more about the campaign!

2. Kids Gym. Considering the high percentage of Obesity in Bahrain, I think it's quite a wise idea!

Till bext time! :)


DiabMan said...

Lol I love the first campaign thingie!!
They need to do that in our country!!

Not sure about children gym though :D I mean where will I find kids to poke fun at their belly if they all lost weight?:D

Kitten said...

Loved the second idea. We need one in Oman too.

Have fun wherever you are.

Umm Ququ said...

Aww im touched.. ur covering Bahrain..i miss home soo much..everytime i go back its like something new popped up right outside my front door.

I lve the slogan there started about 2 yrs ago " 1 BAHRAIN" it was started to find unity btwn the shia and sunni people of bahrain and cool off the heat due to politics and other things that i wont discuss on blogger ( gov and high ranking peoples actions/speech.)

Ill try find some pics of bahrain that will strike ur fancy. In budaiaya, Bnai Jamra junior school has painted its walls with different scenes of bahraini life.. its so colourfull & pretty. Maybe i can get some pics from ym younger bro who is a photographer, he covered the ashoora celebrations of the shia people and then added them to his portfolio with explanations of the was touching that he as a non muslim went out to photograph the locals in their days of mourning.

ill not bore u more lol. hiyyach Allah

FAITH said...

LoL yah I wish if we have something similar in Oman.

Kids these days have lots of fat and sugar that they need to burn!

Yah..and it'd be a perfect place to hang out for kids.
Thanks kitten <3

Um Ququ,

Ohh so you are from Bahrain??
Would love to see the pics! Share share :D
And god, you made me miss the place really bad :(