Friday, May 14, 2010

[Exclusive Coverage] Mini Bloggers Meet-up!

Mini Bloggger Meet Up
Event Summary

Date: 9th of May 2010 Time: 7:30 PM Place: [------] Café

Attendees: Shahrazad, Um 3azzan (Arabian Princess), Reality in Oman, Nadia (Dhofari Gucci), Spot (Spot’s Republic) and I.


2:33 PM I got a text message from Shahrazad:

“ Hi Faith, Um 3azzan & I are meeting up tonight with Dhofari Gucci & Reality. Care to join? :) “

I replied right away and we agreed that Um 3azzan passes by both of us. 30 minutes before the meeting, Spot decided to join, she couldn’t miss such a meeting!

So we arrived almost on time. It felt weird in a funny way at the beginning to meet up with people I always read their blogs and whom I always wondered how they look like in reality and stuff. It’s interesting to see the faces behind the nicknames I should say! :)

Shahrazad: So Nadia who you think is Faith?

*Me & Spot standing next to each other and smiling at Reality and Nadia*

Nadia: *Pointing at me* this must Faith!

*Everyone laughed*

So we had our seats. I’ve never imagined that I’d ever feel that shy. I barely said a word at the beginning. I pretended to be a good listener to the discussions that had begun where I was feeling sooo shy inside, don’t ask me why. But in 15 minutes later or so I started to mangle in and spoke a little. Throughout the discussion, Nadia kept on shaking her head and she was like “Faith…Faith..I always thought you’re a tiny short girl..GOD” and on other times she went like “I should have brought my grill pink shades

Anyways, soo we discussed various hot topics, every one of us had something to share: opinions, real stories, laughs, sighs…etc etc. Worthy to mention that so many spot on sorta questions were raised by Shahrazad (P.S. she’d make a good TV host in the future, she’s SO getting there ;D)

We all enjoyed the gathering [Well I hope?] I personally enjoyed it so much the way I almost forgot about my Ceaser’s salad I ordered :p, I kept on listening carefully to what each lady’s got to say. And yah I was watching how rebellious Reality was even when she’s eating, and how Nadia preferred to eat her sandwiches her very own way :P. Spot was almost the most talkative *Mashallah* :p. Um 3azzan was mesmerizing *as she always is*, Ialways liked the way she puts her thoughts. And yah, [I can't miss mentioning this]: Shahrazad was caught many times texting her Mr :p.


Random quotes from the meet-up:

Um3azzan: “"أنا أحب بالعربي

Spot: “Three years of torture…walla!”

Reality: “Give me anything…but flowers!”

Nadia: “I better speak in English, you’ll laugh at my Dhofari accent”


PS: Sorry ladies if I surprised you, but had to post something about it! :D

احبة قلبي إن قلبي نزيلكم وحاشا نزيل الاكرمين يضام سلام عليكم ماارق وصالكم وغاية مجهود المقل سلام

Till next time Dear Readers & Dear Me


Squinty said...

Next time, baby squinty can join, right? =P

Glad you all met up and had fun. (or you had fun only? hmm...) It is weird how people meet and get to know each other when they first met online. To me, no matter how many times I do it, it always feels weirder than meeting someone for face to face for the first time.

Arabian Princess said...

Nice review :)

I will write something too, but not as extensive as this!!
lets do it more often!

FAITH said...

Hey Squinty. Well yah, but it's fun at the end of the day. Isn't it? :D


Thanks dear, waiting for your review ;)
And really can't wait for another meet-up!

DiabMan said...

Can I come if you guys ever gather again?? I will perform a stand up, and be a party boy for you'all :p

Umm Ququ said...

MashaAllah u girls has fun !!

Its grt u all get to meet face to face and enjoy the time together.

Will there be a mummy & kids blogger meet up ?? im still looking for freinds here in salalah.

FAITH said...

Well it wasn't a party! :p

Um Ququ,
Thanks dear, yah was great fun indeed...How long have you been staying in Salalah btw?

Nadia said...

Hahaha!!!! I love the picture and the post! I should write something about it I guess :)

Umm Ququ said...

as salam alaikum ukhti.

ive been here lil over a mnth alhamduliilah

srry have to run, ququ is yelling at me. hiyyach Allah

FAITH said...


Thanks, glad you liked the post. Can't wait to read what you're going to write :D

Um Ququ,
Aww hope you're enjoying it out there. My hiis and kisses to your little one <3 :D
Allah ye7ayeech 7abebti

Anonymous said...

I am gonna KILL Um3azzan for not telling me about this post earlier! I just read it as I was surfing through my regular dose of blogs!!!!

Faith, an AMAZING post of an AMAZING meeting with AMAZING people!

LOL @ me and asking Qs. Like Nadia says "that's what therapists do, they ask!" :p

FAITH said...

Thaanks Shahrazad, am so glad you liked this post :$....And Nadia was totally right! That's what therapists do! :p