Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Only in Bahrain - Part II

Batelco & Viva Bahrain are two telecom competing companies in Bahrain. The first one is Bahraini and the second is Saudi. There is an ads-war *if I can call it so* going on there. Pics speak louder, enjoy ;p :

Viva Bahrain Vs. Batelco

أول وحده قويية

Till next time :)


Amarant said...

hena el munafasa! ta3ali Nawras ta3ali Omanmobile shoooooofo!

haha seems Batelco is good in rebounds =P

FAITH said...

Hehe yah I thought the same xD

Umm Ququ said...

Batelco is being threatened by the fresh mind of a young man who has seen alot in his life. I personnaly know the person behind the viva-zain progression in bahrain/saudi and throughout the middle east. Zain si about taking care of people not ripping off their back pockets..batelco however are one of the most insufficant phone companies i ahve ever dealt with..they reap millions in profits from people quarterly but u barely see them doing much with it but pocketing it where as viva-zain have huge campaigns to give back to society througout the world.

Viva Viva !!

Thanx to some young well educate people, bahrain is picking up again and growing leaps and bounds mashaAllah. I love you Bhr !! hehe.

FAITH said...

Um Ququ,

Wow! New information. I used Batelco simsim thingie, was good, like much better than the local telecom companies, specially when it come to international calls.

It was fun to have a taste of how halthy competition is actually like generally.

I love Bahrain too <3 :D