Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stories That Touched My Heart Part III

So, am boring you again with my stories. :D

Three weeks ago, I was invited at my friend’s place for a Pajama Party. We started by playing baby foot with her younger siblings, was great fun. Then we played a little Pro Evolution. Half an hour later, we went to the girls’ bedroom where my friend’s sisters and 2 female cousins where sitting; chatting and stuff…

My friend’s youngest sister “11 years old” entered the room carrying 3 big photo albums. They all belonged to their deceased Mom “allah yer7amha” who passed away 4 years ago of Lever Cirrhosis.

One album was of their mom during uni days in Qatar, another one has pics of her engagement party & wedding party. Third has pics of their mom with each one of them when they were kids; since they were babies till they grew up..

My heart was aching, I was so astonished and intimidated by the amount of patient each one of them has. I couldn’t hold myself, it was so emotional and just too much for me to handle….I pretended that am tired and went to bed earlier than the plan. And I barely slept that night.


Umm Ququ said...

May Allah have mercy on their dear mother ameen.
May Allah reward these girls for their pateince and provide for them in abudance.Ameen.

la ilaha illa Allah.
thnx for sharing this beautiful story. xx

FAITH said...


Thanks Um Ququ =)